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Experience the enchanting allure of Amber tul Shamama perfume, a captivating blend that weaves together the timeless warmth of amber with the exquisite charm of jasmine. This meticulously crafted fragrance opens with top notes of zesty citrus and delicate floral whispers, leading you into a heart of rich amber accords that evoke a sense of luxurious comfort. As the scent settles, the graceful essence of jasmine emerges, adding a touch of elegant femininity. Amber tul Shamama perfume is a harmonious symphony of nature's finest elements, encapsulating both the cozy familiarity of amber and the delicate beauty of jasmine in a single, unforgettable fragrance. Indulge in this olfactory masterpiece and embrace a journey of aromatic sophistication.


Shamama is a traditional south Asian perfume that is made from hundreds of herbs and spices, such as saffron, agarwood, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, and musk. It takes a long time and a lot of skill to create shamama, which is why it is considered a rare and precious scent. Amber tul Shamama attar captures the essence of shamama and adds a touch of amber, which is a resinous and sweet note that enhances the warmth and depth of the perfume.


Unveiling the Notes:

  • Amber Accord: The heart of the fragrance is the warm and sensuous amber accord, which wraps you in a comforting embrace, exuding sophistication and depth.
  • Shamama Essence: A touch of the exotic Shamama essence adds a layer of mystery and enchantment to the perfume. This rare and precious ingredient is derived from a blend of natural oils, each contributing its unique character to the fragrance.
  • Spiced Intrigue: Delicate hints of spices weave throughout the composition, offering an enticing contrast to the richness of amber. These spices add a touch of vibrancy and intrigue, making every whiff a captivating experience.
  • Woody Undertones: As the perfume settles, subtle woody undertones emerge, grounding the fragrance and adding a sense of timeless elegance to the overall composition.



Indulge in the rich heritage and modern allure of Amber tul Shamama. Experience the magic of tradition and elegance intertwined in a single scent. Embrace the captivating journey that this perfume offers – a journey that transcends time and culture.


Discover Amber tul Shamama, where history meets modernity, and tradition becomes a fragrant masterpiece.



Amber tul Shamama is the perfect companion for a myriad of occasions. Whether you're attending a formal event, celebrating a special moment, or simply seeking to elevate your daily routine, this fragrance is your exquisite signature.


A Gift of Distinction:

Looking for a meaningful gift? Amber tul Shamama perfume is a thoughtful choice for anyone who appreciates the art of perfumery. Its unique blend of notes and cultural influences make it a truly distinctive gift that will be treasured by the recipient.

Amber tul Shamama