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"Baccarat 540" type perfume is a luxurious and enchanting fragrance that embodies sophistication and elegance. Opening with a burst of opulence, the top notes intertwine the exotic richness of Saffron with the delicate floral allure of Jasmine, creating a captivating and inviting introduction that captivates the senses.


As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes emerge, revealing a mesmerizing blend of Amberwood and Ambergris. These warm and sensual accords add depth and complexity to the scent, enveloping the wearer in an aura of luxury and allure.


Finally, the base notes of Fir Resin and Cedar provide a woody and earthy foundation, grounding the fragrance with a sense of depth and warmth. This harmonious blend leaves a lasting impression, evoking a sense of refinement and sophistication.


With its captivating and luxurious composition, "Baccarat 540" type perfume is the perfect scent for those who appreciate the finer things in life and seek to leave a lasting impression wherever they go.

Baccarat 540 type