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Sensual, exhilarating, and delightfully playful, our natural Jasmine Fragrance Oil is intensely floral, very sweet and tenacious, opening with a dewy-ozonic top-note with fresh natural greenness, and finishing with a somewhat musky and coumarin-like base-note. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils and extracts, including Jasmine Extract, Neroli Oil, Orange Jessamine Extract and Tonka Bean Extract.




Magnificent and sophisticated, our natural Sandalwood Fragrance Oil merges the characteristic ultra smooth woodiness of Sandalwood with extremely sweet and creamy-smooth base notes, for a refined and sweet aroma. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils, including Indian Sandalwood Oil, Australian Sandalwood Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Amyris Oil, Myrrh Oil, Balsam of Peru Oil, Beeswax Extract and Vanilla Extract.

Jasmine & Sandalwood

  • Floral, sweet, green, musky, jasmine, Indian Sandalwood,  Balsam of Peru, vanilla,