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Step into a world where nature's most enchanting aromas blend seamlessly with the sophistication of luxury perfumery. Petrichor Oud perfume is an exquisite olfactory masterpiece that captures the essence of a fresh rainfall on warm earth, enhanced by the richness of oud wood. This unique fragrance invites you to experience the beauty of nature and the opulence of fine fragrance in perfect harmony.


Fragrance Profile: Petrichor Oud opens with the invigorating top notes of revitalizing rain-drenched soil, a vivid and refreshing burst that instantly transports you to a lush garden after the rain. This initial accord is skillfully interwoven with the intriguingly smoky and woody aroma of oud, which gradually emerges as the heart of the fragrance.


As the perfume evolves, the heart notes reveal an elegant bouquet of delicate florals, adding an element of softness and refinement to the composition. The interplay of precious oud and the floral accords creates a symphony of contrasts that is both complex and harmonious.


The dry-down of Petrichor Oud is a culmination of warmth and sensuality. Rich amber and velvety musk embrace the skin, creating a comforting and lasting aura that lingers in the air and captivates the senses.

Petrichor Oud