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Discover the allure of Rooh-e-Khus (Vetiver) attar, a truly enchanting aromatic essence that encapsulates the rich and grounding scent of the Vetiver grass. This exquisite attar is meticulously extracted from the roots of the Rooh-e-Khus (Vetiver) plant, also known as Vetiver, through a traditional and time-honored distillation process. Renowned for its deep, earthy, and woody aroma, Rooh-e-Khus (Vetiver) attar carries within it the essence of nature's tranquility.


Rooh-e-Khus (Vetiver) attar emanates a captivating and distinctive fragrance that resonates with both individuals and connoisseurs of fine fragrances. The aroma unfolds with top notes of smoky woodiness, transitioning into heart notes of damp soil and subtle sweetness. As the scent settles, base notes of earthy musk and a touch of spiciness linger, creating a harmonious symphony of olfactory delight.