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The Root Chakra, or Muladhara, is our body's most primal and fundamental energy center, being located at the base of our spine. The energy of this first chakra extends from the base of the spine downward like a root through the legs and feet. Being associated with the color Red and the element of Earth, the Root Chakra regulates the energy associated with instinct, survival, and safety.

Our Root Chakra Blend combines Vetiver, Myrrh, Frankincense Carterii, Grapefruit, Scots Pine, Nagarmotha and Carrot Seed essential oils to create a synergetic blend that is grounding and brings feelings of stability.



When the Root Chakra is out of balance, it cracks the foundation of the entire chakra system. Imbalance in this chakra can cause one struggling with threats to his/her survival. These threats can be moving, changing jobs, anxiety disorders, reoccurring health problems, weight problems, fears, nightmares or sense of insecurity.

Our Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend is expertly crafted with earthy and grounding aromas to aid in balancing and opening the Root Chakra.




Add to a personal inhaler, a drop or two to a tissue wafted away from the nose, or in a aroma diffuser. Take deep inhalations to help soothe, calm, and create a sense of security when you are feeling disconnected and distressed.


Topical Application:

Dilute in a carrier oil (5% to 10%) and apply the dilution to the the base of the spine, on the legs, or on the bottom of the feet by gently touching or massaging in a clockwise direction.

Our Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend is not diluted. This pure and undiluted essential oil blend is best used in a diffuser. If topical application is preferred, we do recommend to dilute prior to applying the blend topically.



2 years



When used as directed, there are no safety concerns with this essential oil blend. We always recommend doing a patch test for sensitivit